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Multiple Breast Lumps

I'm posting because I'm only eighteen, I weaned my daughter off of the breast seven months ago, and I've had large, painful lumps for almost six months now. My gynecologist was worried I had prolactinoma, so he sent me to have a prolactin test. My levels were actually lower than normal, so he said it couldn't be milk in my breasts. I can't express anything, and my breasts ache constantly - I can't have my husband touch them or hug me very hard.

In a very dismissive way, my doctor has told me it must be fibrocystic breast disease and to not consume caffeine. I only drink decaf coffee, rarely have soda, and that's how it's been for the longest time. I also looked it up, and FBD is supposed to be cyclical, but my breast lumps never change. I have four small lumps in each breast, and a very large one in my left, I've gone up almost two cup sizes.

Anyone been through this? Is there any way to have them all removed, and what could be happening to me?
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