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Multiple Lumps in Chest

About two weeks ago I found a soft moveable lump in my chest above my breast. Since then I have had lump after lump after lump coming up. They extend down from my collar bone to my breast. It's mostly on my rigth side but i feel some on my left as. Some are soft like this, some are more firm and knotted like a rope but moveable. They are tender to touch (or are now because I've been poking at them so much). Some are tender and some aren't. I went to the dr and am now waiting on an ultrasound appointment but meanwhile I am scared to death. The dr wasn't very good at giving me any ideas and left me open to worry myself sick. Nothing online says whether or not fibrocystic breast tissue would flare up in this area before a period or not. I've only ever had those kind of changes in my actual breast not above them and near the collarbone. If anyone can suggest anything to me to alleviate my worries for the next little while as I wait,  I would be so appreciative.
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I really don't know what to tell you for sure about these multiple lumps.
The only thing that comes to mind,( guessing here) is that they could be cysts or fibroadenomas (both benign in nature) that have appeared probably by an increased hormonal changes in your body.
Indeed Fibrocystic breasts condition could be the cause of these lumps.
The lumps around the collarbone area could be swollen lymph nodes that become more prominent due to perhaps an infection ( past or present) somewhere in the body.
In my opinion I would have worried more if only one lump had appeared,but multiple ones are less likely to be worrisome.
It's a good thing though that soon you are having an Ultrasound to clarify this problem and put your mind at ease. Hopefully the findings will be negative for any serious condition.
Please let us know what the test has revealed,by typing your comment below the answer/s you have received.Thank you and wishing you all the best!
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