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Open Biopsy Bruising

I had an open biopsy of right breast about 3 weeks ago.  Fortunately, the calcification tested were benign. I also have saline implants over the muscle. However a few days ago I noticed some swelling and darker color on the nipple.  also there's slight bruising around the nipple area, as well.  I did not noticed this in the days following the biopsy.  is this normal?  I also had a minor rash right under the incision site.  The doctor gave me a prescription cream for it.  But, I'm concerned about the newly found bruising and swelling on and around the nipple.  Any help is appreciated!
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I wouldn't say that this late stage bruising is normal and I think you would be wise to ck. with your Surgeon about it. This may be due to some slight bleeding into the tissue which normally wouldn't happen this long after the biopsy. The rash may have been an allergic reaction to something used during the biopsy. Regards ....
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