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Papilloma Specific Diagnosis Inquiry

My core needle biopsy from 1/28/13 revealed (according to the over the phone results a nurse gave me this week; the written report is being mailed to me) "fragments of a papilloma sclerosing with florid usual ductal hyperplasia". Has anyone had this specific diagnosis? I'm scheduled for a consult with a surgeon for 3/19/13. Does "fragments of a papilloma" suggest I do not have a full papillomas? Just trying to understand what I may have, I've been reading about papilloma's via the internet since this all has transpired. I do not have bloody nipple discharge, actually for the majority of my life (I'm 39) I've always had clear nipple discharge which every physician I've ever seen has told me clear discharge was nothting to be concerned about, I'm kind of questioning this now. Anyway, I'm curious if my diagnosis is increased concerned for cancer upon review of the tissue post surgeon if I have the papilloma removed which is being suggested. Thanks.
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First of all,you shouldn't rely on your doctor's nurse telling you over the phone,only some parts of your biopsy results.It's your doctor's job to explain to you the full details stated on your report.
It's really hard to say with so limited information you have provided,but from what I can understand I don't think that your condition is serious enough to conclude anything right now.
The biopsy samples taken from the abnormality in your breast indicates a papilloma with florid hyperplesia,which is a disorder growth of the cells which is considered a very mild increase for breast cancer development as compared to an average woman without the condition.
Papillomas usually present with a discharge from the nipple which could  be clear or bloody.
A core needle biopsy can already provide enough sample to make an accurate diagnosis.However,the excision of papillomas is the standard of care and the majority of these wart like growth on the lining of the duct are benign in nature.
Hoping that your meeting with the Surgeon will clarify everything for you.
Wishing you all the best..
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My report came in the mail, the final pathological diagnosis says, "right breast, 3 o'clock, subareolar, ultrasound-guided core biopsy: fragments of an sclerosing papilloma with florid usual ductal hyperplasia. Note - positive CK5 and p63 support the diagnosis". The gross description says the specimen consists of "an aggregate of yellow-white, red-tinged soft fibrous adipose tissue core measuring 1.0x0.8x0.2 cm TE 1". Not sure if this specificity provides you with any additional commentary about my situation. Thanks for your time and attention to my situation.
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In answer to your question: "Does 'fragments of a papilloma"'suggest I do not have a full papilloma? "

No, it just means that a needle biopsy could only extract fragments of the papilloma--that is, just the small samples that could fit through the needle.

As zouzi stated, now that the dx has been made, the standard of care would be excision of the entire papilloma.

Best wishes,
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You  welcome sparklek20,
Yes, I agree with "bluebutterfly2222" that "fragments" could only mean the tiny samples of the lesion that were biopsied.
As I mentioned in my previous comment,the explanation of your biopsy results,should be given only by the radiologist or your doctor who should have obtained a copy of your report.The terms used by radiologists are hard to interpret.I am not sure what positive CK5 and p63 means,but I read somewhere that these markers are useful in the diagnostic investigation of  papillary lesions of the breast.These lesions are most often benign,but have to be surgically removed to be certain that no malignant cells are present.
I am really sorry if I am not able to give you more information about your condition,but please try to stay calm until you see your surgeon okay?Or if you feel too anxious, you could call your doctor who can explain much better than us, the results of your biopsy.
Please let us know how things are proceeding and again wishing you all the best...
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