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Birad4 dense breast, surgical excision recommended

3D mamo came back Birad4 with calcification and extreme dense breast.  Surgical excision is recommended.  “The calcifications in question do not appear to reside on the skin surface. None of the calcifications are amenable to stereotactic biopsy due to the extremely faint breast compression, as little as 6 mm.”
Is there other option that is less invasive like needle biopsy?  I’m not sure if the surgical excision recommendation is for biopsy or calcification removal.  Very worry, please help.
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Gosh, I don't know. I had a suspicious mammogram and got a birad of 5 for calcifications myself. I had a needle biopsy? The breast surgeon I went to gave me a choice saying that if the needle biopsy revealed anything or was unclear, I'd have to have the other surgical one. But they took care of it all during the needle biopsy so I didn't have to. I don't know if there is some reason they can't do a needle biopsy on you. Can you ask? I was happier with the less invasive method. (I did NOT have cancer). I'm sure you are stressed. hugs
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breast surgeon said my options are either have surgical excision (3cuts over the 2 breasts ) or wait 6 months for another mamo.  They said my breasts are too small for any needle biopsy
Gosh, I've never heard of that. Maybe they mean your calcifications are too small they are afraid to get with the needle? The needle is large (ish) and they can't get the tiniest things. I'm not sure. But could you get a second opinion? I know you are very scared. Either way, I'd go for the biopsy now. If they feel they couldn't get the calcifications because they are too small, then maybe that is why. And they did tell me if they couldn't get it all during the needle biopsy, I'd have to have a regular one. So, they told me that risk. Do you think that is what they are talking about?
They can’t use the needle because I am flat chested (breasts are too small).  Again I’m feeling fine and didn’t notice anything changed for past year other than this birad4 mammogram.  I’ll wait to do another mammogram in 6months and I’ll do whatever biopsy needed at that time.  I’ll try to put myself on diet to gain weight next several months.
I just had my 6month follow up mammogram and result remain Birad4.  I’m going to see my breast surgeon this Friday.       Not sure if she will pressure me to do surgical biopsy.  Very worry…

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