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Scab outside of areola won't heal...what's the problem?

I have a a small scab about the length of a pea just outside of the areola on my breast. It's been there for a couple week and simply won't heal. It hurts a little and keep getting infected.  I've tried using peroxide and triple antibiotic ointment and covering it with a bandaid, but nothing seems to be working. Could it be breast cancer? Or is it nothing?
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I'm not sure what happened to my answer of last night (12/18) but "zouzi" gave almost the exact same advice. I suggest that you follow it ......   Regards ....
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The first thing I would like to suggest to you,is to stop using peroxide or other ointment on this scab.You could be aggravating the situation by using these remedies.I would, if I were you, make an appointment with either a breast specialist or a dermatologist who will visually evaluate this abnormality and find the proper solution to heal it.Anything abnormal in or on the breast ,should never be ignored.Please have it checked for your own peace of mind.Best wishes.
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