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Sebaceous Cyst after radiation to the breast

I had lumpectomy in March and just finished my 16-times radiation to the breast today.  On Monday, I noticed under the rim of my breast, there was a pimple like thing that I can feel underneath the skin with no pain, I told the doctor and he says it looks like a cyst.

Today was my last radiation treatment and I told the radiologist that the cyst is getting bigger and it is slight painful if you touch it.  He looked into my records and the doctor had wrote on it 'Sebaceous cyst', and asked me not to worry to much and wait until I see the doctor again in two weeks time.  However, when I look it up on internet, it says that there shouldn't be pain otherwise I need to see a doctor to have a biopsy to determine the real cause.  If anyone have the same experience please help me on this, should this be alarm?

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Hi,I do remember you and I am happy to know that you finished your radiation treatment.
A sebaceous cyst is usually painless,but if it becomes infected, it can become larger and quite painful .These benign cysts can appear on the breast as on any other part of the body and are not dangerous.,but when they become inflamed they need to be treated with either an injection of steroid medications or with antibiotics,or by having a minor surgery( Usually painless) to remove the cyst.This can be done at the doctor’s office and the recovery is quick..
Please don't worry,soon your doctor will examine you and will treat this cyst accordingly.
Sending you my best wishes...
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