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What does my diagnisis mean???

I was recently had a breast biopsy done (5/19/08) and the diagnosis was--Proliferative breast disease with moderate ductal hyperplasia, no atypia. I know that this is not cancer, but can it turn into cancer? I've read that this diagnosis is a precursor for cancer.Also, would it be wise to remove the lump or leave it in?
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Hi there.

Proliferative breast changes with ductal hyperplasia just means that the cells inside the breast are dividing a little more frequently than usual.  The good thing is, this increased division is not accompanied by abnormalities such as atypia.  It is true that this may increase the likelihood of developing breast cancer in the future, but this is not a direct pre- cancerous lesion (there is a difference between an increased risk, and a precancerous lesion).  I believe it will not matter much if the lump is removed or not as long as you are followed up regularly.  However, if your surgeon feels that there are areas missed during the biopsy, then removal may be indicated.

Regards and God bless.
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Thank you very much for clarifing my diagnosis for me. You are the first person that has been able to make sense of everything going on. I greatly appreciate it. One more question though...Is this a normal for someone in their twenties? I don't drink,smoke,do drugs and Im not overweight and there is no known history of this or breast cancer in my immediate family.

Thanks again and God Bless,
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