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What does this mean?

I went to a clinic ob/gyn after finding 2-3 palpable lumps in each breast plus lymph nodes in underarm. I started out just watching assuming aggravated fibrocystic breast condition. My cycle has been abnormal since Thanksgiving. I'm still hoping it is only FBC. I am 37 and too young for Best Chance Network, but have found another free mammogram program. My mammogram is scheduled for May 14.

On the mammogram orders written on prescription pad for me to take to the imaging center is written:
"Mammogram for (+) lft Breast (axillary) mass"

The lady helping me find the mammogram program already new I had found lumps in both breasts. She's contacting dr's office to get them to rewrite the orders to say or include "Bilateral diagnostic mammogram with ultrasound as needed". She said she almost changed her mind to refer me to a doctor with in-office ultrasound due to my age.

I do already have FBC diagnosis since young adult, but have never had palpable lumps in the breast or this many. Sounds like the doctor is only concerned about one in particular on the far left side of my breast near the underarm area. What does he mean by (+)? There are like 2-3 lumps in that area that my husband can feel, plus 1 in the upper center of that left breast. There are some on the right, too, but he must not be concerned about those based on his statement on the orders???!

What questions do I even ask about all this?

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If you have been diagnosed with fibrocystic Breast Condition you had to have had some lumps within the breast tissue. the + means that the breast is positive for some abnormality. If you had a clinical breast exam and the Dr. did feel all the lumps in both breasts perhaps he felt a difference between them. Ability to feel a difference from one lump to another comes with professional training and experience. As far as what questions to ask only you know what concerns you .... write it all down and have it handy when you go for your films even though some answers may not be available at that time. Depending on the films, some additional investigation may be needed. I believe you imagery should be done in a Radiology Dept. where a Radiologist is available to view the films as soon as they are taken. If you do get a diagnostic Mammogram then this will be the case as opposed to films being done and read at a later date.    Regards ....
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Constantly changing,
The cystic lumps moved around, etc. Now I'm on day 25 of my cycle and as of yesterday, they all shrunk (still painful and there, but smaller). This has never happened before this cycle. Everything has tended to stay in the same place this last week or so. Even the area where the doctor would have felt the abnormality has changed. All lumps are smaller, harder and still hurt. The thickened area has softened (I think). The lymph node that originally was enlarged is doing the same thing, smaller, harder and sore. Yesterday, it also felt sharp/pointed?! My diagnostic mammogram is at a radiology imaging center and is next Thursday. Is it typical for FBC to have so many lumps changing this month during one cycle with no previous history of this behavior? I first found the lumps 4 days into this cycle.
Everything I read says that after menstruation is the best time to check when hormone levels are calmer. That's when I had larger lumps for over 2 weeks. Now that I'm in the week before I'm "due" (I've been irregular since Thanksgiving.) to start a new cycle, the changes seem to be more towards going away, but still there. That seems to be opposite of what I read. The breasts have been tender and sore every single day this cycle - not normal for me. The only other times I have ever been sore before are the new pregnancies (I had 4 kids and 1 m/c) and 1 of the times I was over a week late where I had that and other mock pregnancy symptoms. I was not pregnant. I had a tubular 5 years ago, but I did take a test anyway. I've never ever been sore this long. I realize the soreness tends toward the benign, but this is sure a lot of changes for my body to be going through.
Ideas, tips, advice?
Any previous lumps have been more of cystic acne - under/near the skin and eventually surfaces and drains like a pimple. My monthly cyst on the back of my neck does the same thing, but triggers headaches during the sore/sensitive stage. It starts out as a large "gel capsule" cyst, ending as a draining pimple-like sore.
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Since your periods are a bit irregular then so are he hormone levels in your body. I don't see too much relation between the acne type problem and true breast cysts. Fibroadenomas can also act like fluid filled cysts and can vary in size but tend to be more solid in nature. You can always have either or even both. They are also benign of course. I'm sure you Diag. Mammogram will have some more definite answers for you. Just hand in there until you get the report from the upcoming Mammogram.   Regards ...
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