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What is Stage 5

What is
stage 5 cancer?

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Hi there.

As far as I know, most cancers are staged between I to IV with some being just up to stage III.  These staging systems are based on the tumor size (T), regional status of lymph nodes (N), and presence of distal metastases (M).  Thus, this is called the TNM type of staging.  I'm not sure where you have heard of a stage V and I suggest you verify the information.  Stage IV cancers are usually the metastatic or incurable ones and the stage I cancers are the early stage cancers.  Regards.
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I'm confused, My mother found out 3 years ago that she had breast cancer and we were told she had stage 5cancer.. she had surgery and treatments and a year later she died from cancer. but all the information that I have found on here indicates that there are only stages 1,2,3,and 4.. why would the doctor say stage 5 if there is'nt a stage 5? I dont understand..
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