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My mum finished her therapy for triple negative breast cancer April 2010 and now she had a DEXA which showed osteopenia.
Her surgeon recommended for the prevention of osteoporosis to have Actonel or Fosamax, and her oncologist recommended to have Zometa because it is used for osteoporosis prevention and as an anticancer as well.
Which  is better to start with?
I have read a lot for these drugs as concerning the side effects......and she is confused.......
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As you probably have read most all these drugs can have the same side effects .... keep in mind that not everyone experiences the same side effects and also not to the same degree. There are also studies that show spontaneous fractures can occur possibly as a result of some of these drugs. I would suggest that you and your Mum discuss this issue in detail with her Oncologist and make a decision based on what you learn there.   Regards ....
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