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breast biopsy

I was examined in Tata Hospital, Mumbai,India for my routine Mamography. The Radiologist noticed amorphous micro calcification in my left breast. The further test on Ultra sound and physical examination did not show any lump or mass in the breast. But the senior doctor recommended for needle loclised biopsy. They removed the entire calcified area in cesational biopsy and sent to lab for examination. The results are still awaited. But I am scared if the report shows malignancy, whether there are further chances of more malignancy which may result in in masectomy; or now there are no chances of further development of any malgnancy so that I can lead a tension free life.
The doctors in this hospital do not give a satisfactory reply.
Will you please guide me.

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When a biopsy is recommended,it means that the microcalcification viewed in your mammogram and U/S, is suspicious.I am afraid that you have no other choice but to wait for the results...The doctors in the Hospital didn't give you any answers,simply because they don't know what the results will reveal.Only when the pathologist report will be available,will the doctor be able to explain to you everything you want to know and what treatment( if any) you will need for your particular case.Keep in mind that many suspicious microcalcification are benign findings.I hope that your results will also be BENIGN.Good luck and best wishes.
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