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incomplete cyst aspiration
Last october i had a lumpectomy and  DCIS grade 3 Comedo type cancer was detected.

In January I began five weeks of radiation. I have been fine since.

Today I had my six month check up with my Surgeon and everything was fine in the former  DCIS site.

However,  he aspirated a lump in my other breast, a fairly large cyst, which yielded browninsh liquid, about  a cm. However, he couldnt apsirate anything more, and so a still sizable lump remains.

He has referred me to our local hospital to have ultrasound guided aspiration which will happen in two weeks or so - hopefully. ( I am away next week, which may delay it further)

I I have had cysts aspirated  before - but never one that was only able to be partially drained. I  didnt think much of it while I was in his office and therefore didnt ask any questions.

Why would this happen? What does it mean? Is there any risk of cancer?

I am concerned and would appreciate some insight and guidance.
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