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lump in breast of male

My 27 y/o son has a painful lump near possibly under his left nipple.  It is about the size of a kidney bean and can be pulled away from the skin and he says it feels like it rolls around as opposed to being adhered to something.  He says it does not feel hard.  There is no discharge or itching or discoloration it looks the same as the right nipple.  He went to his regular MD today who was not sure what it was so he sent him to a surgeon for a biopsy next week.  I have researched many things on different medical sites although there is not a lot of info on male breast lumps that don't point to cancer or gynecomastia.  He noticed the lump about 2 months ago but now it is more sore and aggrevating him when he has pressure in that area or bumps or rubs it.  When he was in his early 20's he had his nipples pierced but he took the jewelry out several years ago.  He also says that about 3 years ago he used steroids for about 6 months for body building which I read could cause problems.  We have no history of cancer in our family except his dad had a benign adrenal gland tumor removed and his maternal grandfather had thyroid cancer which was treated successfully last year.  Just hate to have to wait a week.  Any other suggestions of what this could be or other web sites to check for info?  Thank You
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Hi.  Your son probably doesn't have gynecomastia, since both breasts are usually involved in this condition.  Given your son's age and sex, the possibility of this being breast cancer is also remote, although we can't totally rule it out.  Because he pierced his nipples in the past, there's also the possibility that the lump is an infection in that area.

It's probably best to wait for the biopsy results. Speculating about the diagnosis at this point can only add to your anxiety.
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