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lymphedema sleeve

I have a custom sleeve I wear during the day which helps with the swelling.  However, when I remove it, my arm seems to just reswell.  I feel I am defeating the purpose of wearing the sleeve.  Does the sleeve really do any good?  I also do moderate skill yoga twice a week and swim alot during warm weather. Can I also lift hand weights?
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You definitely aren't defeating the purpose by wearing your sleeve; you might get in touch with your Therapist and ask about something to wear at night OR perhaps a wrap at night. I trust that you are wearing your sleeve during any type of exercise and I would again ck. with your therapist about the weights; there are different theories regarding that. I would hesitate to advise that type of exercise not knowing the extent of your lymphedema and what treatment you have had in the past. I found the massage to be of great help when not wearing the compression sleeve.    Regards ....
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