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nail repair

i finished my chemo for her2 br/cancer just over  a year ago and my nails just keep on peeling back thin. I had the hardest nails around,you could not bend them,they were good. now they are thin and disgusting , will they go hard again and how long will it take. I am running out of patients,I am sick of them peeling thin.Its so annoying.I think a year and a half they should be back to normal by now. Please help me with more info.
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I've hit my 3 year cancerversary and my nails are still thin and razor sharp. Strange side effect, eh? I wish I could say mine were better.

Best wishes
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My mother completely lost her toenails and her fingernails thinned out considerably during chemotherapy. It took a full year for them to return to the way they originally were. Maybe, the time frame for recovery is just longer for some people.
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