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pain underneath left breast

About two years ago a got a swelling under my left arm pit.it was so painful .after about two weeks i presed it since it was about to burst.alot of yellow discharge mixed with pus came out.it later on healed but that are remained swollen to date though there is no lump in it. I sometimes have pain in my left arm especially when doing a task that entails putting my hands up like hanging clothes on the line.at times when i sleep with my legs folded at night o when i sit for very long periods i find my knees are sort of locked i find it extremely painful to stretch them.occasionally i get pain underneath my left breast or in the area whre the breasts meet.it is not sharp but throbs and this pain may at imes last for up to a week. i went to a doctor who did scans and x rays and he said that he found nothing wrong with me and just gave me pain killers. in 2000 in had an operaton in my left braest thre was a mass which the doctor said was fibro adenoma.it was sent to pathology depaertment but they said it was just a tissue mass and not cancerous.

recently i had sex after a peiod of about three months.i bled that lost about two spoons of blood but then i had no pain.
i suspected that i had concieved two weeks ago but then began bleding about two days ago.it is not very heavy like my normal period but think have lost four spoons of blood.it is very adrk in colour an dnot ftree flowing as blood should am aged 26years old.

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You could see another Dr. about your chest pain, etc. even though you had some tests as you mentioned. Addressing the last part of your post; I think you would be best served if you saw your OB/GYN about those problems. You might post your question on a different Forum (OB/GYN) where you would get a more appropriate answer since this Forum deals only with Breast Cancer and none of the symptoms you describe are related to BC.  Regards
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