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please help me to understand

my family dr felt a lump on my right breast mobile 1cm she oreder me for mammo and referral for general surgeon here's the result of my mammo: the breast are composed of approximately 50% fibroglandular density. the parenchymal pattern is symmetric between both breasts. what does it mean?????????

No suspicious mass is identified. specifically no focal abnormality is seen in the upper outer quadrant. as the patient cannot feel any palpable abnormality, an ultra sound examination was not performed. there are no areas of architectural distortion or suspicious cluster of microcalcification.

IMPRESSION: there are no specific mammographic signs of malignancy as the patient cannot feel or indicate any palpable abnormality, an ultrasound examination was not performed management of palpable abnormality should be based on clinical grounds. if this palpable.

My surgeon performed breast exam on my breast  and he said that their is nothing wrong on my breast everything is good  and he reviewed my mammolike what  he said did not see anything wrong with my result.

My question is my family dr and i felt the mobile lump how come my surgeon said it was normal Im not sure if he felt that lump and how come there's no ultrasound since my family dr. request for mommo due to palpable lump?

how come there is no BIRADS score on my Mammo, but last 2 yrs ago I have  my mammo in other country  is BIRAD2?

How come my general surgeon did not said that i need a follow up or he did not said that i need to comeback for check up?

please help me im really worried im not satisfied on my check up, but its really hard to ask again for second opinion here in canada unless there is another referral or another concern
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The description of your breast tissue in the report means that your breasts are essentially normal but the tissue is dense (hard to see through) and this might hide some finding. I do believe that an Ultrasound should have been done and if your family Dr. would order one I see no problem having this additional testing performed. Often one test will "see" something that another one cannot. The fact that no one seems to be able to feel (palpate) this lump except for that one time could be due to it being a small cyst that may have gotten smaller or has moved. This can happen with cysts. Cysts are sometimes related to your menstrual cycle and can vary in size or even seem to disappear completely due to the hormone levels in your body. First I would see your family Dr. again and see if she could order the Ultrasound. I wouldn't worry too much at this point since cysts are harmless and many women have them. A second opinion would be good but I think the Ultrasound is more important to have done first. Regards ....
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Hi there

As for your initial Mammogram, I am surprised an ultrasound was not performed at the time, especially since your referral indicated a breast lump and the mammogram findings indicated density. However, this is what the clinic has done so where to from here?

You haven't mentioned whether you can still feel the small lump at the moment or whether it's proven to be more elusive since the initial consultation with your doctor.

If your lump can still be felt, I see no reason why you cannot ask for a second opinion by going back to your doctor and getting a referral to another clinic, however with a specific request for an Ultrasound followup to ensure this procedure is carried out  

If, however, it's gone into hiding, this isn't unusual and as already mentioned, is related often to hormonal changes and menstrual cycles.
Sometimes tracking these can bring some peace of mind by keeping a small diary of the dates and times that the lump can be felt, and when it goes into hiding. It wont take long to see a pattern and should help ease any anxiety.

All the best
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