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should i get this checked?

Right breast turned lumpy in upper right quadrant near axilla, right axilla swellings ( small ) and discomfort, small swellings underneath right collarbone, small swellings at base of neck and back of neck on the right side. Also, hard groin swelling also on the right side and sores developing on skin, particularly the chest, shoulders, upper back and arms. I keep putting off the docs as i always seem to be there ( i have lupus ) and i feel like a pest.  
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i forgot to mention, i also have raised MCV level tho its only up to 104
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Yes, definitely, you should be checked out!
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First of all, thankyou for your reply. the lumpiness in my breast tissue are not hard, just more lumpy than normal, is this classed as thickening of the breast? As i said, i would only like to visit my GP if there is a genuine concern as i always seem to be there for one thing or another!!!!
thanks again.
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As Katarina advised, you definitely shopuld be checked out, but in my view, more in regard to the "small swellings" near your collarbone and neck, the hard groin lump,  and the sores on you chest,  shoulders, back and arms!

Best wishes...  
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I really cannot understand that you are still not sure whether to see your doctor or not.....with all the symptoms you have described I would certainly not wait another minute! The lumps in your breast and the various swellings you mentioned have to be checked out by a medical professional.
Please make that appointment SOONER rather than later..
Take care...
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i think im reserved as i have had problems with lymph swelling in the past which on biopsy have turned out to be reactive, i think this is connected to the lupus. Every time i go to my gp and mention yet another lump i swear he roles his eyes as if to say " here we go again ", im not saying he is not understanding as i do have quite an extraordinary diseae!!!! i think that if the lumps in my breast were hard i would have been sooner but im the kind of person who does not like to waste a gp's time and always think that someone else iss more needy of that appointment.

My rheumy did palpate the lumps below my Collarbone and i did have an US on my collarbone b4 xmas, but they had disappeared, they came back around 8 wks ago. Does this sound normal, can lumps of concern appear then disappear then appear again? Also, my MCV has been raised to 104 for at least 18 months, it is being monitored but i get the impression it is not raised enough to warrent any further investigation at this time. Thank you for all your replies and support.

Teezie x
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You should see either your ob/gyn or an oncologist or a breast surgeon. Do not wait. If your gp has a problem with you go to someone else.
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