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stinging sensation

I have had stage 4 breast cancer my right breast had to be completely removed now I am on Arimidex 1mg  since I have been on it now since may of 2013 I can not allow my self get  hot for I start  stinging so bad  that I have to get a cold shower.This keeps me inside from all  out side actives has any one else experience this?
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First of all I hope you are doing well.
Since these stinging sensations started a few weeks after taking
Arimidex...then it could very well be a side effect of this drug.
I also experienced itching or tingling sensations when I was having hot flashes,but after a few months they disappeared.
As you well know each of us respond differently to certain drugs and if this stinging sensation persists,I would advise you to let your Oncologist know about it and ask him/her if a change of medication would be better tolerated.
Best wishes...
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