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underarm and breast pain

For the last month and a half I have been having a strange pain under my armpits and the side of my left breast.  It started as an itching and burning sensation, but has turned into pain which spread to both sides.  I have no lumps under my arms on in my breasts that I can feel.  I am overweight and have heavy breasts, so I have always worn an underwire bra.  In december I started going to the gym 4-5 days a week and working with a trainer one day a week.  I use an elliptical machine for 30 minutes each time after working out with the other equipment.  I am now wondering if the underwire in my bra hasn't damaged some nerve endings causing the pain.  I have never had any reddness, and I haven't changed my deodorant or soap.  My last mammogram was in November and according to the recorded message I got when I called the number the doctor gave me, I am fine.  There is no history of breast cancer in my family.  I made an appointment for the 23rd of this month with a family doctor, but an RN friend of mine sugggested I see a neurologist instead.  Any suggestions?

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I'm not sure why a Neurologist but I would certainly see your family Physician first. This could have something to do with your excercise program and I would even talk to your Trainer and see if he/she has any thoughts regarding the problem. In the future rather than a recorded message I would ask for a copy of the Mammogram report and if you don't understand all the terminology then ask for a detailed explanation from someone at your Dr.s office or even your friend who is a nurse. I don't approve of form letters and recorded messages; pt.s deserve more than that but that's just my opinion.  Regards .....
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Thanks for your post.  I bought a new bra yesterday and the woman fitting me said that women should never wear an underwire to exercise in, and even suggested that at my age (62) women should avoid underwire bras altogether.  I will call my doctor and ask for a copy of the mammo report.  I agree, I don't like recorded messages either.  It's just too important. I also spoke with my trainer this morning and suggested they look into underwire bras and exercising.  This is Gold's Gym and they are huge, so it would be helpful if women knew what I just learned, preferably before the pain set in.  Thanks
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Sounds like you may have hit on at least a partial solution. Everyone is correct; underwires have their drawbacks especially if you are large breasted. I've known a few women who buy them and take the wires out ..... they liked the style I suppose. I personally don't care for them at all. Hope what you found out will be of some help.  Take care..
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