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Lump in center palm of R. hand

I am 46 years old. Several months ago, a soft lump formed in the center plam of my right hand. It was about 0.25" circumference and is visible when my hand is open, and fingers stretched back. I can feel that it must be pushing on my tendons because I can feel a slight tension pain that radiates slightly beyond my elbow. I also feel pain when slight pressure is pressed on it. In the last couple months, it has gotten slightly smaller. I am scared that it might be  tumor and I know need to go have it checked. Does this sound like a tumor?
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Thanks for the nice picture.  The lump looks superficial and is underneath the skin of your palm.  It could be a tendon cyst.  This is a benign tumor.  It doesn’t usually cause pain and tenderness unless it compresses the other structures.    
You may want to have it checked by your doctor for proper evaluation.
Take care.
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Thank you sincerely for responding to my worry. I'm indigent and unemployed and know better than to try to live in denial of something potentially serious as a tumor. I like to believe I am quite brave when it comes to facing many kinds of adversity, but it is a fact that I've struggled over the awareness of my cowardace over the thought of this bump. I've been fortunate that I've never had any serious past health issues, and when I began posting my inquiry on this site, I truly felt a concious relief knowing that I was finally starting my path to becoming pro-active towards it.

It does hurt when light pressure is applied.

Presuming that the lump is a benign cyst, how would this normally be treated?
Can I expect that it would be Xrayed, and removed? Or would a sample of the cyst be normally required first before any prognosis is made on whether removal is an option?
Is a tendon cyst mean that I am now a higher risk of tumors in the future?

I sincerely appreciate the professional advise and opinions, for the strength it provides me that I need for my resolve... Thank you Dennis...
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Hi again.
You can observe the mass and note for any changes like increase in size, symptom production, etc.  Or you can have it biopsied or surgically removed through excision.  The specimen will be sent to the pathologist for evaluation.  The prognosis would depend on the type of tumor.  I’m not sure whether an x-ray will benefit you since the mass looks like soft tissue in origin.  
Hope this helps.
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I just started with the same type lump in my left hand - lower palm - down from my middle finger. Mine hurts a lot. It hurts when I do dishes, wash my hands etc. I found it two days ago then injured the area yesterday by tearing up some cardboard and the cardboard poked me right next to it so I think that's why it hurts more than it should. Let me know if you find out what it is.
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I was reading over your recent comments and i regret to say that i have the same exact bump on my right hand. Mine, however, has grown a good amount since i first discovered it some months ago. It doesn't hurt unless any kind of pressure is put on it or if i stretch my palm. I am scheduled for an MRI but before i would like some feedback on the subject.
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Please let me know your outcome. I have the same bump on my right hand. I have not seen a doctor about it yet but do worry :)
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