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Lump on my knee

my salam to every one >>

hi every one there !!

my name is sandeela and am 18 yrs old >>
i cleared my intermediate from pre-medical { but currently i am studying business management .. }

due to which have basic knowledge about medical fied ...

i would continue with ma question >>>

when i was born i had a very tiny spot on ma knee ... which was just like  a pimple ...

the doctor suggested ma mother that it must be operated because as i'll grow this spot will also grow and acquire shape of a lump and in ma adult ages it might create problems ,,,

but due to some financial reasons i couldn't get operated at that tym !!!

now i am 18 and that spot on ma right knee has acquired the shape of a lump ( ... about da size of the tennis ball ...)

ma problem is that it really hurts >>

b4  i never felt of any sort of pain but sum tyms which used to disappear after a while >>
but now its getting serious ... when ever there is pain in lump i become unable to bow for prayers n  even sum tyms to sit >> and the lump most of da tyms remain purplish or of greenish colour ... as if some one has beaten upon it very severly ,,,, n hurts alot .. ( esp now a days )

i fear it might be cancer ...

i haven't told ma parents yet ..

i please need your alls help >>

i dont know what to do ...

suggest me what to do??

do the smptoms which i told above resemble to that of trauma (in early stages) or knee cancer .. ???

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no reply till yet >>>>

am really worried ....
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In my view, anything the size of a tennis ball needs to be seen by a doctor. Knee cancer is very rare. I was tested for knee cancer too once believe it or not! My symptoms were swelling and a hole/shadow in the bone (showed up on X-ray). There are also lots of benign lumps and bumps but you need to see someone to find out for sure.

Take care.
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thnx 4 dat advice ...

da lump on my knee is really getting painful day by day ...

i checked 4 da symptoms n they really resemble 2 those of sarcoma ...

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