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Lump under Jaw

hey, i have just noticed that my left jaw bone is sore and i can feel a medium sized lump under it. it feels circular and tender and i'm worried it might be cancer plz give me some replies I'm scared. The lump hurts too.
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Hi.  Can you give more details about yourself and that lump? How old are you? When did that lump first appear? How large is it? Do you have other symptoms such as fever? If you're really bothered by your condition, it might be best for you to consult with a doctor to have it properly evaluated and treated.  From your descriptions it seems to me that you're having an infection in that area. It doesn't seem to be cancer, which usually presents in that area as a painless mass.  Just see a doctor soon so you can get proper treatment.
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Did you ever find out what this lump under your jaw was? I have just found something similar.
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I have a small like grape sized lump under my jawline on the left side and an ache in my left lower second back tooth.I seen your post and was wondering if u can help me before i consult a doctor  
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I have the same but on my left side... dont worry so much. Gonna get it checked by the doctor... you should too! Peace.
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