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Bitten by a stray cat!!!

This is js horrible for me. I am a huge cat lover and I mean who hasnt gotten the occasional surface scratch or bite when you play with the furry feline? I am so disappointed and angry at the moment. This has never happened to me where I need to go to a dr to get medical attention!

Last weekend we rescued this stray by my bank wells fargo. (Now his name) we are treating him, and releasing him so that he knows our house/area and comes for food. Well, there's a stray male that comes by for food at night. He loves the attention, hes very adorable. But the downside, he is very very territorial. He fights with any other male or new cat. He is the one that goes and causes the fights without the other cats doing anything to him. Well, my older sister's smarty pant butt let him inside the house to eat, he saw the new stray Wells Fargo that we rescued and he became upset. Crying, growling, hissing and all that fun stuff we hate hearing them do when they are angry.

My sister moved the stray she had brought in, she moved him towards the door (to let him out) so I went towards the door to hold him (now that I look back........BAD IDEA, WORST IDEA EVER!!!!!) I have always grabbed him and he has never done anything to me, but I guess there's always a first for everything! I was far away from Wells Fargo, but I guess he smelled him either way and was still upset. He bit my right hand so bad, that I had to pull his teeth away from me slowly so he wouldnt puncture my skin deeper. I immediately washed my hand with soap and water, though it kept bleeding. I pour peroxide over it like crazy. Pat it dry carefully and wrapped it to stop the bleeding. This morning I found myself with a swollen index finger, and the surrounding area of the bite. Its more red and I have a hard time vending my fingers, making a first, writing etc. I went to the Walgreens pharmacy to see if they had any OTC meds that would help. Instead they told me I had to see a dr ASAP bc it was already in the process of infection since it was red and swollen. I went to a near by dr and had to pay $170 for tetanus shot, antibiotic shot, pain/swelling meds, ointment and I have to go back Sat and Monday to follow up. I was told there that if it didnt heal or started showing a diff, that most likely I would have to get the rabies shot just in case the cat had rabies. That I had to go to a government clinic for the rabies shot bc they have to report it.

So here I am, truly disappointed, I own 4 felines myself. All indoor ones and all I get from them is the expected surface scratches or surface bites---that dont puncture wounds!!! IDK if the stray has rabies or not. To me he looks perfectly healthy. Eats well, very active etc. but I am not a vet to know these things. I was told that they either show sign of rabies or they dont.

I uploaded pix on my photos so you guys can see, I have the one from shortly after it happened and the one from this morning.
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Oh wow.  So sorry this happened to you.  I see you're in S.CA with me.  I don't believe rabies are a huge problems here, naturally I don't know for sure.  I bet the chances this cat has rabies are slim especially the way you describe him to be healthy.  I don't know, it might be worth it to have this stray tested.  I went to see your pics, but you have them on private :(  

I don't mean to tell you your business, but it would really be better to feed your cats indoors and discourage strays, that is unless you want to keep this male stray also.  I imagine he might be territorial because he hasn't been neutered.  Also, feeding kitty outside invites opossums and racoons who carry disease.  At least, I see them at my house.
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Oops, sorry.  You have indoor cats and do feed them indoors.  I misread your post.  Sorry!!!
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Hi Jade! Im sorry I totally forgot to set my settings to everyone lol. I hope you can see them now. & nice to know someone else is from SOCAL here ; )

I do tend to keep my 4 cats away from ferals, strays because idk where they been. Plus, a feral attacked my tuxedo Patches a while back and I had to get him surgery for an abscess he got. Paying nearly $700 or so for it!!! So no way my cats stay away from the rest...its better for me and them. I feed the outside cats, outside. Just to be safe
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oh so sorry for the the discomfort and situation you are in! I too am a HUGE cat lover BUT will tell you dear a cat bite is the worst you can receive for infection and a bad infection....so I found out when my husband under similar circumstances was bitten badly, the next day his hand was so swollen we rushed to the ER...he was put on IV anitbiotics and that lasted 10 days....the doctor said at one point with continued check ups that he could risk loosing the use of that hand...thankfully it finally responded to treatment and healed....so watch it carefully.
this bite was from our family cat, who can be extremely excitable, it wasn't the cats fault(long story)...we were contacted by public health the Doctor at the ER had to report as you say, and were urged to put the cat down!...his records were searched to prove he had rabies shots...
we did alot of talking to get to keep him,...please look after that hand and return to ER...if the swelling should get worse or if the redness increases up the arm...ok.
my best to you
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80% of cat bites get infected (according to Swampy's doctor). Thus it is best to see a doctor and get a course of antibiotics.

Had it been a stray cat, rabies would have been a possibility. Most people do not know this, but you are more likely to get rabies from a cat bite than a dog bite. The reason why is simple -- people take precautions around dogs they do not know but do not as readily think of doing that for cats.
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