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Cat suddenly went blind.

my cat came home with its right paw injured and limping. He also suddenly went blind at the same time. He also has mismatched pupils that still dilate to light, as well as a loss of a sense of balance. He staggers and walks in circles. He also can't seem to fully open his jaw.
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Hi Sarah,

Agree with all my fellow posters---I am hoping you have already seen the vet???

Could you please give us an update?

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Agree with all, this is hardly a forum issue, he needs to be at the vet 'yesterday'.
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This definitely sounds like your kitty has a head injury from being hit by a car. I'm also very concerned that he has a jaw injury that may prevent him from eating.

Your cat needs to be seen by a vet asap!!
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I agree with Jade, symptoms like you describe indicate neurological damage.....the Vet can give him a med to take some of the swelling off the brain, than hopefully he can regain his sight and balance.
Sending my prayers
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Hello and welcome...Sounds like your poor kitty may of been hit by a car.  He clearly has a head injury at the very least.  Please get him to your vet ASAP.  

Let us know how it goes, okay?  
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