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How to handle a feud between my cats?

I will try not to make this too long. But about 3 years ago I got a 13 year old male long haired black cat from the Humane Society by accident. They gave me the wrong cat. I was supposed to get a three year old black long haired female cat. . But that’s another story for another time. I felt bad for him and went ahead and kept him so he could live out his remaining life with a loving family. Then about 6 months later, my husband brought home a one day old kitten for me to take care of. That’s also another story for another time. But as soon as the kitten was old enough, we got the kitten neutered. So the kitten grew up with the other neutered male cat and we had no problems. The young one want to play sometimes but the older cat just ignored him. Well, the older black was great about taking care of his fur until recently. I have a female cat that is the same age (~16) and I took them to get some fur shaved b/c they neither one would let me work on it. It was matted and messy and I can only guess that it’s uncomfortable. So by this time the kitten has grown to be a 2 year old. As soon as I got back with the two that had their fur clipped, the young one lost his mind. He started trying to attack the two older cats. Well one of then isn’t afraid of him. But the old guy that I got by mistake is terrified. I have to bring food and water to him and now he poops in the wrong places b/c he’s afraid to go to the litter boxes. We tried to reintroduce the two cats but so far nothing works. That young cat has been around the old one his entire life. And he’s gotten close enough to smell and see that it’s the same cat. But apparently he’s just not happy with the new do’s that other kitty’s got. What should I do?  He doesn’t bully any other cats. We have a problem with outdoor cats running into the house and he doesn’t mind them and even plays with them. Who knew that my cat would be the Mr.Blackwell of the cat kingdom
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