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HEY EVERYONE!! Im new to this site because i am trying to get some information concerning  my baby kitten.
she's around 2  months old and she was ran over by my moms truck a.She's still alive but i can tell she in a lot of pain.. She has this little episodes where it looks as if she stops breathing and i keep moving her and she doesn't respond then about a few seconds later she meows. and now she is throwing up yellowish color liquid. does anyone know what it can be?? shes not bleeding on the outside but not sure about the inside?? im so scared shes going to die ..any advice would help..

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We can offer advice and sympathy here, but kitty needs to go to a vet.  We can neither tell what is wrong, nor tell you how to fix it at home.

Keep us posted, but please, get her to a vet.
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Hello there,

I just read your post. Your kitten needs urgent medical care from a vet.
Your kitty needs to be examined by a vet urgently. How did your two
month old kitten get outside in the first place?  Please take your dear
little kitten to the vet. Don't wait. You say she's not bleeding on the
inside. However, you don't know what injuries she has sustained on
the inside of her little body as a result of being run over by your mother's
truck. I can't stress this enough. Bring your kitten to a vet asap, even
today if possible. She sounds very ill. The yellow liquid could be bile.
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