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Miss teia doing okay

Here's a recent picture: https://www.medhelp.org/user_photos/show/765541?personal_page_id=861638

The little queen has been quite a munch beast today, ate the better part of 2 5.5 ounce cans of wet food, along with a couple tablespoons of her favorite Cheddar shreds.

We give her a little Miralax every day and her thyroid med once every 3 days.

She eats good, drinks water (almost 1 c a day), excretes fine, is social, grooms fastidiously and keeps the boy cats in line.
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AWWWW  I love good Teia updates!!
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Wonderful update, Pip.  I've been off of MH for a few wks, and whenever I'm gone and come back, I approach the Cat Forum with a little hesitation in what I might read about Ms Teia.  

Hey Ali girl!  Good to see you here every once in a while. :)
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Hey, Pip.
    Miss Teia is a gift that keeps on giving and always will.  What a special little furball she is!  I think that Cooper and Buff want and need their boss-kitty. Love to all 3!

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Miss Teia was very insistent about my people food tonight, got pizza.
Got her away from trying to steal mine by mushing up some cheese and meat toppings in her bowl.
Anything the queen of the house wants. :)
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Brave Teia!!!

We had some household repairs done yesterday and today.

Charles, the lead on the 2-man team, came into the family room to let me know he and his partner were taking a break to let the first coat of paint dry.

Miss Teia was on the arm of the recliner chair, just about to hop onto the end table where her food bowl sits.

She spotted Charles, stopped and stared.

For almost 5 minutes she watched Charles as he and I had a conversation.

His partner Sean came back to see where Charles was...Teia turned, jumped off the chair and went under the couch.
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Ms Teia knows a cat lover when she sees one (Charles).  Maybe Sean was not (no offense).  

How y'all doing with the hurricane?  I saw someone mention MD may be affected, although not nearly as bad as the Carolina's, of course...or hopefully!  
It is going to be a non-event here, may get a little wind and more rain than usual, but save for the coastal area further south, not much effect expected.

I think it was more Sean's sudden appearance, on top of seeing Charles.
A relief to read, Pip.   I know the Carolina's are just devastated.    

My husband and I are heartbroken for all affected by  this hurricane.  Thankfully my niece, her husband and three children just moved from N. Carolina a year ago.  

My husband and I are only a few miles from the coast.  If a tsunami hit (and with our crazy weather these days this could be a reality where it once was unheard of) we would be affected for sure, as we are only 39 ft above sea level...which isn't much.    

Makes sense about Ms Teia's reaction.  That's kind of what I thought.  She was So good with Charles (a stranger) though.  
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