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Took cat to vet now worse?

Hello. My 15 year old cat had been throwing up for over 24 hours, not eating or drinking, ending up with vomiting clear fluid most of it. This occured very suddenly. Took her to the vet yesterday adternoon. They felt around and didn't feel anything. Took full blood work. Everything normal. Temp normal. They gave her sub q fluids along with a nausea supressant. Spent 300 dollars which I didn't have, but couldn't afford the xrays. When we got back she went right to her bowl and drank a lot then ate a small bit. Then last night she started drooling..dripping water from her mouth and that went on all night. Still doing a little bit of it. Hasn't touched food or water since this began. She is very quiet and not moving around much, but alert. Can walk and has used litter box for both pee and stool once. Appears normal. Any ideas? Thanks so much in advance.
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is she an indoor only kitty? thinking there could have been something she got into outside?
this is usually a symptom of an underlying digestive problem, infection, heartworms or even cancer.
Could be CRF(chronic renal failure) or Hyperthyroidism. do you know if the Vet checked all this out?
If she continues to vomit, she will become dehydrated very quickly and this can be very serious....
It could be from so many causes like I've mentioned and the only way to pinpoint it is thru even more extensive testing...yeah I know its expensive.
Given that she is a senior kitty, I would really suspect it could be HyperT. and if the clinic didn't test by giving a full thyroid panel I would suggest you do take her back and ask for this.
sure wishing you and kitty our best, its really hard to give you much more info than what a Vet could tell you :(( keep us update okay.

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