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What Crazy Table Foods Does Kitty Eat?

I've had some cats in the past that have eaten some CRAZY CRAZY foods.  So, I just wanted to see how many other "weirdos" we had out there!!  LOL

Let's see-Oreo has eaten corn ON the cob (yup, one paw is holding it, while he chewed), he's eaten broccoli, squash, and carrots.  He used to "help" me out with my veggies as a little kid.  Also, had a cat that loved crunchy foods-pretzels, dorritos, popcorn.  The cat would "sneak" her head into the bags!  LOL

The craziest thing I've seen is baked potato.  It was STILL in the skin.  This was my mom's new kitten!  I was eating dinner over there, and the cat jumped in my lap at the table.  He seemed interested in the potato, so I threw it on the floor.  He was eating it and playing with it!  Slinging it in the air, growling at it, and munching away!  LOL

I wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!!  I'm glad I found this forum!
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Savas, where do you get those names LOL Gosh I wish I could do nearly as good as you with pet names.

My cat likes cake; but I think a lot of cats like sweet stuff, especially after being exposed to diets high in carbs.
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Heh heh...baked potatoes are the preferred prey of house cats at thanksgiving time, in case you weren't aware of that fact.

how many of you have 'Lope Cats?

These are cats that will eat cantaloupe. Apparently it isn't unusual.

Our strangest so far is our big Orange Guy (pix in profile), Bumperus Maximus, who will happily lick up oil and vinegar salad dressing.
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