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i dont know if its time to put my cat down

hello there, Im a 38 year old and 6 months pregnant, Ive had my cat blue for 10 years she meant everything to me before I met my husband she was like my kid ...anyway when my other cat died, basically her sister tosies, she changed I mean became a freaken paranoid hissing b!#ch. and she was so nice and wonderful before, thats about 3 years ago... she started throwing up everything so I thought she would snap out of it like cats do when they get used to things after awhile, well lets just say she never snapped out of it and for the last 2 months she throws up her dry food and has lost atleast 6 pounds and so i went to the vet and got this good extra vitamin soft food and she eats it like a rat that hasnt ate in days. I feed her atleast 2 of them a day and she keeps losing weight, she is now skin and bones, i check her throw up and feces and no worms, my husband said he thinks its a tape worm.. I dont have the money to take her to a vet im having a baby in 2 months plus having a sick cat around a newborn I heard was not good. My question is does anyone know if she is hopeless , no matter how much I feed her she just keeps losing the weight and getting worse she sometimes cant even balance herself cuz shes so weak. but whe still drinks water and once I feed her , for the first 2 hours after that she acts normal ,is she miserable and should I put her down or whould I let her stay with us here on earth till the babys born and give her a good last 2 and a half months?
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Hi Sandy:  I'm so sorry about your kitty.  And congrats on your new baby!!  I did find a list of possible financial help to get your kitty to the vet in Arizona.
This is the link: http://www.pgaa.com/financialaid.html#arizona

Animal Benefits Club in the Phoenix area.

Pet Allies. Sometimes people have financial setbacks and feel that can't adequately care for their pet. There are resources available if you find yourself in this position.

Flagstaff Pet Assistance League. If you need help with a pet, FlagPAL members are ready to lend a hand. They are an extremely active group of people.

Spay and Neuter Solutions. Thanks to generous donations from the public, Spay and Neuter Solutions may provide partial or full financial assistance with spaying and neutering to qualified pet owners.

Also check this website:  http://www.scribd.com/doc/12767191/Pet-Vet-Help-Organizations

I hope this helps.  I know that having to watch your kitty get sicker is awful for you.  Hopefully someone will help.
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What tests has the vet done on this cat?
I don't think you are treating her problem. Evidently she isn't getting well. Try not to misunderstand your cat. A misunderstood animal is a sad thing to watch. She may have something which could be easily treated. You've just gotta find what it is!

I am also pregnant, almost seven months pregnant to be more exact, and have two cats. One of my cats got very ill when I was in my first trimester, and almost died. I know the feeling of having a new baby coming soon, being on a budget and having a very ill cat.  I started looking for solutions and did not stop until my vet gave me a $5,000 certificate which covered biopsy, surgery, treatment, food and consultation. My cat was on life support for a few months (a feeding tube) because his liver was working poorly.

If the vet has not done a complete examination and exhausted his resources then maybe putting her to sleep isn't a good idea YET. You might regret it afterwards, and it will hurt. Trust me....it will. Then again...you know your cat better than anyone.

Now....is there any way you could take her to the ASPCA, being that they offer low cost care plus they can help you find the best payment plans? Other no-kill shelters may offer free service. Do you know of anyone who could help? If not, you could search online see who could help you in your community.

Best of luck to you. An owner usually knows when enough is enough and when it's time for the animal to rest in peace. She is your cat. You know her more than we do. Whatever you decide no one will judge you.

Congrats on your new baby.
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Since you are pregnant the last thing you should be doing is inspecting cat feces.  
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Hi.  I don't post often, but do have quite a bit of experience with our feline friends.  I also know that Opus knows what she is talking about.  She has advised me numerous times.  I do think that another Vet visit is a 'must'.  You don't want your Cat suffering do you ?  I also know that money is a foremost consideration because of your baby being due soon - its a dreadful dilemma for you Sandy.  I have lost 2 Cats within three months in the first part of this year.  One of them started losing weight rapidly. Sadly he had caught feline Aids somehow. Rather than let him linger on and suffer intolerably we decided it was kinder to have him put to sleep.  I am NOT advocating that you take this action Sandy.  Please think long and hard before taking THAT way out because believe me, it CAN come back to haunt you - maybe not in the near future, but at some point.
Anyway, I wish you well.  I do hope you can manage a Vet visit with your Cat - he's a long time friend and has never let YOU down............don't desert HIM now, in HIS hour of need.     DiamondFox
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first of all can I asked what the first kitty died from?
cats just don't change their behavior without a reason, I would think she is suffering some pain and I'm not sure from exactly what?
did your Vet not give a complete examination as well as the new diet? did he not give you any explanation as to why she is loosing weight and vomiting?
excessive appetite and still loosing weight can be a sign of diabetes for one. did the Vet check her feces for worms, sometimes they aren't real visible to us..but it really doesn't sound like a worm problem to me...(?)
She really does need a good examine and blood tests done, I'm sure you love your kitty and do want to help her. before even considering putting her down.
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