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skin related disease

i have a 1year old female persian...she goes out on and off...now i am visualizing her pink skin underneath and shedded hairs near the head area, there was no mark of any injury as well..she scratches herself most of the time..is it that she goes out quite often and get disease with other stray cat or anything else??plz help
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Do you bathe her and if so with what?  That could be causing dry skin.  Brushing could be causing hair loss as well, and obviously the scratching.  Or it could be just a seasonal shed. Long hairs and pure breds are really better off as indoor cats.  They are more prone to diseases, and infections of all sorts due to inbreeding and having them outside just adds to the chances of picking something up from toxins or the feces of other animals.

Persians require a lot of routine care, and letting them outside just adds to the care needed.
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So from what i understand from your other post is that she's pregnant from a stray too?  Is she on any kind of flea control product?  That is essential.  Are you brushing her regularly?  Hotter weather means more shedding and that means "daily" brushing.  It's hard to say which is the probable cause for her skin problems.
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thank you so it is so kind of you to reply to my post and it was helpful as well..i usually do not bathe her, just a wet towel will do...she is properly vaccinated and de-wormed..and yea weather is usually hot in Pakistan as hot as 50 degree celsius..may be that's the reason..and she visits vet regularly
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Zara, has she been treated for fleas?  That can certainly cause her to itch. It's hot here in Texas too. One of my cats looks like a Persian, lots of hair, more than lots of hair, she was 1 yr old on May 6th.  She is the one that's pregnant, right? I got Heidi spayed so I wouldn't have to deal with unwanted kittens.  She was actually from a litter of kittens born to a somewhat feral cat.  I now have the mother and two of the kittens, all spayed :)
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Have you had her checked for allergies? My cat suddenly started to develop dry, itchy skin on her head, ears, especially between the eyes and ears. A blood test revealed that she had become allergic to cow's milk, wheat, oats and yeast, as well as borderline allergic to a bunch of other things. We changed her food and the rash went away.
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