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Celiac Disease

I have been having health problems for the past eight years and have finally found a doctor willing to test me for a number of things.  Unfortunately, I disagree with his diagnosis and don't know where to go from here.

I have gained over 75 pounds in the past eight years, have regular debilitating migraines, have skin tags and warts growing, no energy, don't sleep well, liver spots, and depression.  

The only thing the doctor will work with me to fix is he believes I have celiac disease or an allergy to glutin.  I disagree and fell more certain I have things going on with my hormones, and liver.  I had slightly elevated liver enzymes and I have been going through menopausal symptoms for about year.

What can you tell me?
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Many of your issues could be due to gluten. Perhaps not all, but celiac issues can and do skew liver enzymes as well as cause a host of other 'unusual' problems. Try clearing up the celiac first and then go from there.
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Why do you disagree with his diagnosis? Actually, I think he may be on to something & you are lucky to have found a dr. that is aware of Celiac -- a diagnosis of Celiac takes an average of 11 years because it is so tricky to diagnose.

Celiac has such a weird assortment of symptoms & can manifest itself differently in different people. It can effect so many different systems that it can either look-like or lead to other problems like thyroid issues, or diabetes, or even neurological issues. Some of your symptoms sound a lot like what I had, and it is confusing because they all seem unrelated to one another. I had weight gain (15 lbs., which fell right off when I went gluten-free), skin issues like red/rashy skin, depression and anxiety, and insomnia & lots more. After I was gluten-free for 11 months, my health really turned a corner & now I feel fabulous.

Anyway, give it a try & work with you doctor. He may have found the source of your problems. If it is Celiac & you don't go gluten-free, it could lead to some serious health problems later, like increased risk of cancer.

Good luck & I hope the gf diet works for you.
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