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Celiac issues?

Three years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac only to be told a month later that it wasn't, that the biopsy result could have just been a virus. Then 2 months ago I was re-assessed by a differant GI and told I do in fact have celiac. I am a 45 year old Male.

Hopefully some long term Celiacs can help me. My question is this.......

For about a year now I have had very narrow, ribbon shaped stools. Some days they are as thin as an eigth of an inch, but usually they are a quarter inch or wider......however very distinctivly flat and wide.....ribbony. I have been told that this is more likely a Colon obstruction (cancer) and as I am new to the Celiac diagnosis I am curious as to whether anyone has had this symptom from Celiac. I have looked everywhere on line and evry time it goes back to colon cancer, never Celiac. My GI claims it is the Celiac but will do a colonoscopy in 6 months if it does not change with a gluten free diet (which it has not so far). As a side note I also just went through a week long bout of Diarrhea which I have NEVER had the likes of before.....even when eating Gluten?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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I have had good success with Naturopathic Drs.There are many things that could be causing this, including colon cancer. I have found a wealth of information about gluten sensitivity on the enterolab.com site. If it is a fecal bowel obstruction a good colonic practitioner can do wonders for you.
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Keep working with your Dr and monitor the situation. Celiac disease can make you most susceptible to chron's and colon cancer.
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