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Ferritin Relationship with Celiac?

So, 4 years ago or so I had bloods tests for Celiac and iron levels. For both of my Celiac tests, both tested negative. Though, my ferritin levels were low. I dealt with my symptoms of fatigue, floating stools, etc for a while. More recently I received a blood test which showed my ferritin levels have increased.

My question is; "If I had Celiac, would it be possible for my ferritin levels to go up?"

I'm trying to rule out Celiac, and it seems that I would be getting worse over time and not better.
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Well if you have celiac you will most likely have intestinal damage, which is what causes the malnutrition. I was diagnosed with celiac about a month ago and with that have a ferritin level of less than 1. This level also seems to be very stubborn, as I have had 2 iv iron infusions and still experience extreme fatigue. Do you still consume gluten? If you have not been consuming gluten it is possible that celiac tests could come back negative and intestinal damage will heal.
But yes, in theory you would be feeling worse over time with undiagnosed celiac. I am new to celiac however, so I can't exactly speak about the progression of symptoms over time.
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