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Unintentional Starvation, malnutruition, dying!!

27, no insurance. Family history: Familial Adenomatous Polyposis, depression. Personal history: depression (untreated), anemia & cervical cancer.

My normal wt.:102 been loosing wt. 2 months currently weigh 89 lbs, have no appetite, sense of taste gone, & food seems to turn to mush & will gag me unless I spit it out.  Was told I have celiacs but NOT tested, un-able to follow gluten-free diet. Often become nauseas/have stomach cramps after I eat. Feel full when I start to eat & often go 1-3 days w/out getting hungry or eating at all. For a year or more I've had diarrhea & constipation, sometimes w/ rectal pain / bleeding & fatty/oily/greasy stools or black & tarry. Was treated for non-related sinus infection with augmentin, rectal itching was so bad I couldn’t complete the meds. Had painful BM’s for app. 1 month after taking meds.  Things haven’t been normal since.   For the last 3 wks I've been vomiting often (usually nights), My muscles (esp. neck & back) are hurt, I have TERRIBLE night sweats & insomnia and 3 days ago I started passing purely mucus stool, smelly, white/yellow, jelly-like, slight rectal bleeding, no BM since this began. Stomach rolls and growls very loudly while passing mucus.  Is this medical or mental if don't wish to be skinny? I look GROSS! ***@****
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I am going to the doctor today!  All symptoms listed above are only getting worse.  I can not consume more then 2 or 3 crackers without feeling so full I am going to explode, and if I force myself to eat I suffer terrible pains, and eventually throw up.  Once I start I can't stop, ate 1/2 of a chicken sandwich at 8:30 pm, had terrible pain until midnight, threw up 6 times before sunrise.  Don't think I can handle another night like this!  I've contacted every possible resource and hopefully will find some assistance because I am uninsured, however at this point they are just going to have to bill me and I'll figure it out later!

I've spent all day reseaching my maternal grandmothers death.  She passed away in 1966 at age 28 (I'll be 28 this year)  My grandfather (who has never really spoken of her death) states: she had colon and abdominal cancer that burst and spread through her body ???  He stated that the cancer caused blockages in her intestine, that doctors did several surgeries to remove pieces of her intestine, each time they did surgery the blockage moved further up until she was completely unable to hold down any food.  He says that the cancer caused her to starve to death, she weight 79 lbs the day she passed away.  I contacted the hospital only to find that the records are all destroyed.  I then called the funeral home, and they told me that her cause of death was listed as "liver complications"  He suggested I contact the church because she was a very active member.  I did this, and within an hour recieved a call from a close friend of hers who drove her to cancer treatment every week in 1965, she is still currently a registered nurse.  She told me that my grandmother had colon and ovarian cancer, that she was recieving "cobalt" ?? treatments, at hospital two citites over. According to her the colon and ovarian cancer caused malnutrition, severe weight loss, stomach cramps, lack of apeteite, brown vomit, severe pain.  I have contacted the hospital that she said she drove her to, and they do still have her records, however I cannot gain access to those without a death cert. and proof of relationship!  I am applying for this record, but it will take 6-8 weeks for it to arrive.

While researching this I contacted other family members and learned that my Mothers sister is currently suffereing from almost the same symptoms as me.  She has the same stomach upset issues, BM problems, and pain.  We compared notes, and feel confident that we are both suffereing from the same illness. She has been to 4 different specialists and thus far has been given no diagnosis, she reports that they have completed every possible test, none have returned a conclusive answer.  She is on medication to help with nausea and increase apetite, she says these help, but she still suffers.

Now I am even more concerned about my lack of insurance and the number of medical tests that may be required to figure out what is going on!  However, on the same note I am concerned that doctors in 1965 chose the best possible known explanation but in honesty maybe my grandmother didn't have colon cancer!  Both her daughter and myself (her granddaughter) seem to be suffereing from the same illness that she did.  They have tested my aunt for every type of cancer possible, all with negative results, so it can't be colon cancer!  Either way, the fact that she died at aget 28 tells me that I need to find a resolution regardless of cost or the status of my insurance.  I am praying for quick and easy solution but I have a feeling that I may never find out what this is, and because I know my grandmothers fate I feel a whole new sense of hopelessness.  If I have another night like last night I will be going to the E.R. by ambulance, if I can make it at home until tomorrow I will be heading the hospital first thing in the morning!

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I really wish I had the answer for you. The only thing I can think of is to check this website www.greattastenopain.com by Sherry Brescia. I've been reading her articles for about 3 yrs. now. She had a lot of stomach problems since she was a teenager. Did a lot of research and she is an expert. I'm taking her product and it has helped me a lot. I also bought her books and they're very helpful. I recently bought the new one and I've learned a lot. It's called Great Taste No Gluten. Keep me posted, I want to hear some good news from you.
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No answers but, I'm anxious for you! Cyber hugs!
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could it be gastritis? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gastritis (the symptoms match yours)
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Here's a list of digestive diseases you could investigate:
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I strongly recommend the book by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, Gut and Psychology Syndrome.  It's very informative and well-written, full of good recipes and good advice.  A lot of anxiety and mood disorders are caused by gut bacterial overgrowth, like Candida and C. difficile (but there are 1000's).  Some grow on sugars and starches, and excrete neurotoxins.  The GAPS book tells you how to change the gut bacteria to the good ones that excrete VITAMINS and protect your intestinal lining, i.e. cure leaky gut.  There's lots of information online on the GAPS website, start there.  Let us know how you're doing!
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Don't worry about lack of insurance.  Your health comes first.  Hospitals can not turn you away.  Go to a major hospital for the best treatment.  Bring a friend to every appointment, if you can.  Write down all that transpires, as well as your daily symptoms and questions.  You could have any number of things, and since you are underweight and not eating.  Finding the underlying cause(s) and also the secondary issues is important.  Try to keep the MDs on track about this.  All the Best.
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If you have Celiac's disease you CANT eat Gluten, not even a 1/2 chicken sandwich or you will continue to be sick. I wish I could tell you a little bit is okay but it isn't. I have a friend who threw up every time she ate gluten but she was still cheating on her diet. Granted you may have develolped other problems now, but the root culprit and continued stimulator for other problems would be the gluten if you have this disease. I know because I have the same sort of chain reaction due to my celiacs being diagnosed later than sooner. Get a good dr who will test your blood first, then have a biopsy if they will do it. If you are low enough income get on medicaid and have the tests. But don't deny yourself a chance to get well. YOU CAN STAY ON THE DIET, THERE ARE SO MANY GREAT PRODUCTS OUT THERE NOW THAT ARE GLUTEN FREE, INCLUDING OREO TYPE COOKIES WHICH I LOVE THAT ARE DELICIOUS, (JUST AN EXAMPLE) SO....I wish you the best.
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