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Violent Vomiting

I am a newly-diagnosed celiac patient (20 days, to be exact), and have been following a strict gluten-free diet since the day of diagnosis.  Of course, I am still in the learning phase of this new diet/lifestyle; however, I have worked closely with my doctor and a registered dietitian regarding what I can/cannot eat, etc.  Since starting the diet I have felt quite a bit better; but, the other night I was awoken from sleep with violent vomiting and diarrheoa that lasted for approximately 5 hours.  It was awful, yet familiar.  Before I was diagnosed, I experienced a very similar incident about 10 minutes after eating a BBQ dinner.  But...here's the thing.  I am not sure what caused this reaction.  I have taken the mentality that if I am not sure about something, then I don't eat it.  That day, the only thing that I can think of that may have caused this reaction is Orville Redenbacher's All Natural popcorn -- however, I had previously eaten it without incident AND was told by the dietitian that this was a gluten-free snack.  I am starting to get very discouraged.  I've been looking for information on the Internet and have called my doctor this morning, but am not finding any information as to whether this is a "normal" reaction OR if there is some other underlying issue with my GI system.  Once again, I am still trying to figure out my sensitivity level, etc., but cannot figure out what the problem is this time.

Any help would be great!  Thanks!
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Some snacks that claim to be gluten free aren't, so just look out for the ingredients and see when you react to something, keeping a food diary might help you. Also have you considered that you might have other allergies? Nuts, dairy, soy....etc? My mom is also allergic to YEAST, which is in some gluten free products, she found that out because her doctor had her do a home test, you might want to try it and see what happens......I forget what he had her do, but I willl post it once I get in touch with her (trying to call her and she's not answering the phone!!)
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I am not a doctor, but I am a celiac that has lived with this for 30 years, diagnosed about 15 years.
The possibility is that your body is awakening and more sensitive.
Actually, I have had theater popcorn set off full blown violent (food poisoning like symptoms) 3 times.
Exactly as you described.  It is possible that you are one of the celiacs that can't tolerate corn very well.
Me, I can only have corn when I have been eating super healthy.  If I have been eating junk foods (still gf) or if I have gotten glutened corn and popcorn is off the menu.

Hope this helps.
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ive had it for a year now, and its normal to not feel good for the first three months because your making a big change to your body but if it progresses id contact the doctor who diagnosed you. let me know how you feel. <3
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