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gluten dairy intolerances

hi michelle here the past 8 years the dr hasnt been able to tell me about my horrible pain i get after i eat gluten or dairy
so 2 weeks ago i went to a naturapath to see if gluten is the culprit cause she showed me a pix of what my gut looks like when its inflamed by those foods something about my immune system food goes now im waiting to see what i cant tolerate have to go back . some people thinks its ibs.
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People who don't have a science background often have difficulty understanding autoimmune diseases. I have Celiac Disease and an allergy to casein. What happens is that when I eat gluten it triggers a reaction in my body which results in my making an antibody to glaiden, which is a part of the small intestinal wall. I am not allergic to gluten, it just triggers the autoimmune reaction. Over time this damages the small intestine and results in my having  trouble adsorbing foods and the damage allows undigested food to get into my body. One fo the partly digested foods that gets into my body this way is casein (cow's milk).   My body makes an antibody to the casein and I get an allergic reaction. I get indigestion and swelling in my ankles but another person might get hives or some other allergic problem. I have read that some people who have gone on a gluten free diet and stop further damage to the small intestine will be able to eat some of the foods which they became allergic to because as the intestine heals it won't allow food allergins to get into the body.
Hope this helps.
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My son ,now 7 was having problems with his growth both physically and mentally.Last year before starting school our doctoor decided we should look into it..so we went to a growth specialist who reconned there was no hormone problem although thyroid was slightly under active.Next step was to have hand x-rays which showed bones as underdeveloped for his age...blood tests were done and showed his liver to be having some problems too.Further tests proved there was an intolerence to lactose and casein.We put my underweight son on a diet and within only 3 months the difference was unbelieveable...8cm taller,1kilo heavier and speach much improved[and I.Q. too]Now a year later the difference is astounding...he has come on so much...his body has changed dramatically[arms and legs so much longer..they used to be short in comparison to his body].It's hard for him as he cannot eat what most kids eat at school,but fortunately he understands that his health comes first.SO IF ANYONE KNOWS OF SOMEONE WITH GROWTH PROBLEMS TELL THEM TO LOOK INTO IT!!!!
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