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upper abdominal pain radiates to back, celiacs?

Im 28 years old, I have been posting in the G.I. forums for a few months as my doctor blasts me with tests and scans to figure this out.  I have upper abdominal pain thats I also feel in my back and right shoulder.  I have gall stones but my dr has ruled them out as the cause of my pain, nausea, sometimes vomiting.  I am also really burnt out the majority of the time and very snappy with attitude lol.  I am being sent for a gluten sensitivity blood test, which is going to cost me $120,  Im getting it done this week.  My dr started me off thinking it was a gall bladder issue, but Hida, ultrasound.. show a functioning gallbladder.  I have also been for chest and back x-rays.  I have gone the last few days not feeling in constant pain (its been 8 months since it started)  but this morning I ate a bacon and tomato sandwich (white bread) within a couple hours I was feeling a dull ache and  14 hours after eating it I am still in pain..upper abdominal and back..anyone else have similar symptoms????
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I had the same symptoms with an ulcer. Is the back pain higher up on the back than the stomach pain and sort of burning/boring?
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my dr keeps saying next she will schedule me for an endoscope but she still hasn't which you think she would to rule things such as ulcers out.  She prescribed me zantac but that doesnt help the pain. my stomach pains are around the bottom of my rib cage and my back pain is around my right shoulder and down to  mid back.  I have also been having light crampy feelings in my lower abdomen, and some mornings wake up with a sudden crampy urge for a bowel movement...which is never overly soft.. hmm. My pain starts out as a dull ache and then the ache gets stronger.
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I have exactly same symptoms. Did a catscan and sonagram. Liver Gallbladder both fine. Blood test and fine. Going for celiac tedt tomorrow. Ate white bread tonight as if your are not eating gluten when taking celiac test will get a false negative on the test. Another possibility is yeast overgrowth from so many antibiotics. Allergic to milk as a baby and now milk products cause mucas and pain. Any thought of a parasite?
My pain is right at right ribcage, around ribs to back to shoulder and down to middle back. sometimes down to right abdomen. Get bloat, constipation and gas.
Make sure your vitamins are milk/gluten free. Try alkalizing with lemon and water as seems to help a bit. Please let me know what you find and  good luck to you. God bless.
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Sounds like pancreas pain or sphincter of oddi. I have had this for over 10 yrs after gallbladder removal. If I could go back I would  keep my gallbladder and stay with the gallbladder attacks due to they aren't nearly as frequent or painful. By all means DO NOT GET AN ERCP. That is the beginning of the 'pain for the rest of my life'. I've had stents, dilations, sphincterotomies etc. Even pancreas biospsies. I have seen where several are being considered for ERCP's and maybe even a few say they helped. Look at them in a few years and see if they will still say that. Maybe some will but many tell of the complications from it. It gave me pancreatits and now I have scar tissue and damage from them. I only started getting better after I quit having procedures done. I still live in daily pain, some days worse than others, but at least I can eat, I can work and have somewhat of a life.  I feel for anyone going through this. From what I can tell and I have been to the top hospitals (Mayo-Cleveland-Indianapolis) this is a disease that doctors just don't know a lot about and treatment can only go so far. My treatment..pain control, enzymes, blocks. The only thing left is surgery and I won't do that unless  I'm about to die. (and probably not even then)
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