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Uh-oh! More of an informative post

Thankfully, I'm not as sensitive as others, but I'm still gluten intolerant.  Even though I still have no idea if I have true Celiac or not, since most doctors are still in the dark ages concerning which tests are most reliable.  But, I am certainly concerned about anyone else who is worse off than I am, so this is an important post.  Especially for newbies.  If I hadn't been hungry I wouldn't have chanced eating in the deli department of a Fred Meyers store (owned by Krogers).  If you have true Celiac or are definitely gluten sensitive versus gluten intolerant:  Don't eat in this deli.  I just happened to notice in the fine print of the ingredients for the jo-jo potato wedges that they're coated with wheat flour.  I didn't notice this until after I ate them.  I'll be alright, since I'm far less sensitive than other people are, which is why I thought it would be alright to try these things.  I won't do that again, though, no matter how hungry I am in the future.  I do truly try to be careful.  This is important to me to be as informed as possible, since my nephew has true Celiac.  He would be alright if I were preparing his food, of course, because my own kitchen is dedicated to being gluten free.  I haven't thrown out the used toaster yet, so I wouldn't let him use that, because it wouldn't be safe for a true Celiac to use it.  I will do that tonight, though, now that I think about it.  Then, of course, if you're a newbie you do need to tell people at these places about cross-contamination.  Most places just aren't well-trained about cross contamination.  And, newbies need to learn about this stuff.  This, of course, is the whole point of posting this.

I looked for rice dishes.  Even plain brown rice would work in a pinch when really hungry, provided that the place is careful about only using dedicated serving and preparation utensils for the rice.  Just about everything they had was traditional pasta or traditional sandwiches.  I don't trust deli cuts for more than the gluten issues, or I would have gotten some of that for protein.  The types of preservatives used in deli cuts really do a number on me.  And, this is an area of concern for anyone with Celiac or gluten sensitivity.  Most have plenty of other food sensitivities or even true food allergies.  This is because of the damage that the initial gluten intolerance that caused the Celiac in the first place.

I do have some mild nausea and my face is tingling a bit, so that means this stuff triggered a migraine for me.  There might have been some other stuff besides the gluten in those things.  Plain potatoes don't do this to me unless I eat too many of them.  So, I will have to treat the migraine.

Anyway, live and learn.  I just learned the hard way and thought it would be a good idea to put up an informative post.  Particularly for the newbies.  Those who have dealt with true Celiac for a lot of years probably already know that these places aren't the safest place for them to eat so steer clear of them.  I usually do, but I was pretty hungry.  The print on those food labels is pretty small, I almost didn't even see the words "wheat flour", which is why I didn't notice until after the fact.  I don't get the dangerous diarrhea, but anyone who does, whether diagnosed or not should steer far away from places like this.  Stick with the cup of coffee at the coffee place minus the real dairy, unless you're intolerant or sensitive to coffee that is.
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