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Does anyone know anything about strength Training for Cerebral Palsy?

strength training for CP really helps tremendously just wondering if anyone out there knows this?
CP persons have bone growth that goes faster than muscle growth thus the curved foot etc so if you strengthen muscles they grow stronger and curved foot etc will straighten out plus walking becomes easier etc many great things . see strength training vest by nyk to gain benefits of wt vest for CP  
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Howdy, I am 44 with mild cp, I can run at about half the speed of a normal person and have a vaulted limp due to a spastic right side for your reference. I did karate throughout my twenties and I found it very important to stretch consistantly, aka daily to maintain range of motion as the muscles grew stronger. There would be wisdom in laying off muscle growth until your bones are finished growing so that they grow straight.
Also, it's not that the bone grows faster it's that the contracted muscles are shorter than the relaxed ones and given the option they will happily contract shorter and shorter, not comfortable
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