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Drs List - Spain

The list of Drs we post here are from our members on MedHelp and is not meant as a referral, but a means to help others find Drs to research and use to compare so they too, may find the right Dr for them or a family member. We suggest u choose 3 Drs to research and compare.Keep in mind just because a Dr works well for one person, does not mean that Dr is the right one for you.

Barcelona, Spain:

NS pediatric and adults
Dr. Jesus Lafuente Baraza: (working in several places)

1)   Rd. Sant Antoni Mª Claret, 20
    17002 Girona, Girona (mapa)

    Teléfono: 972410404


   2) Clinica CIMA

    Manuel Girona, 33 (Pedralbes)
    08034 Barcelona, Barcelona (mapa)

    Teléfono: 935522700

3)    Laboratori Roqueta- Esteve-Rimbau, S.L.

    Rd. Sant Antoni Mª Claret, 20
    17002 Girona, Girona (mapa)

    Teléfono: 972204350

Prof Juan Sahuquillo:

Servicio de Neurocirugía
Unidad de Investigación de Neurotraumatología y Neurocirugía
Hospital Universitari General Vall d'Hebron
Pg. Vall d'Hebron, 119-129

phone  +34 93 489 40 00

E-mail : Sahuquillo (at)neurotrauma (dot) net

The Barcelona Chiari center.

PhD in Medicine and Surgery
Director of Institut Neurològic de Barcelona
E-Mail: ***@****
CONTACT US: Telephones (0034) 93 206 3720 and  (0034) 93 280 0836
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The lists of Drs are compiled by the members of who they have been to and liked....if it is not on our list, then we do not have a member that has been there ....

If u find this is a good Dr please add to the list here : )
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Does anyone know if Dr Obarrio Lopez has any good referrences?
I see that there is a specialist in Val d'ebron, but we didnt get referred there and getting a transfer in Spain is like pulling hens teeth. Or at least it was for me when I was transferred from Tarragona to Bellvitge, Barcelona.

My son has been having spasms and attacks today so badly that Im so worried and no sign of surgery date yet. Thanks
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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

  We do have other lists of Drs in our Health Pages...links to the threads etc....the list is NOT a referral but a means to help u research Drs that have successfully treated Chiari.

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Okay, thanks very much for the information..=).
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they are doctors in Spain and they do work in Spain....its a new list as not all members are from the U.S. :-)
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Are they visiting doctors or do they ever visit the U.S. or would be travel to Spain?
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