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3 IV treatments over the next 3 days, ordered by NL?

I am new to all of this, but for more details you can visit my page to view my Timeline of events.

My neurologist called me today and wants to see me immediately to go over MRI results. I am hoping this means i'm one step closer to finding answers since he originally didn't want to see me again until mid-September. The nurse who I spoke to said she wants me to come in tomorrow to start steroid IV treatments, the next one will follow my appt. on Thursday and the final treatment will be on Friday.

She said the did find some swelling and a few other abnormalities on my MRI but my blood tests came back person. No syrinx, no HBP, no diabetics, no vitamin deficiencies.

The symptoms are so bad they're interfering with my everyday life. I can no long work due to no balance and double vision. This all started a year ago, the symptoms went away during winter and then came back with a vengeance this year.

My question for you....... have anyone gone through this 3-day steroid IV treatment? What should I expect?

Thank you :)
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Hi - why don't you drop over on the MS forum and there are plenty of people, including me, who can share experiences with the three day round of IV- solumedrol.  I'm off to an appt this morning but will check back in with you this afternoon.  -Laura,  MS Forum co-cl
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Excuse my misspellings :o/
(perfect, not person*.. longer, not long*)
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  Hi,,,do u know is this for an issue with a disk in the thoracic spine? The MRI's u posted in the other thread seem to be lower in  the spine.....so it could be they see something disk related.???
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Diagnosed with MS August 1st, 2013 - I will be jumping (I wish I could jump! Haha) over to the MS community. Thank you, Lulu. Selma, thank you so much for all of the Chiari information and for listening. I will continue to raise awareness for Chiari while fighting MS.
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  I am happy u have a DX, but so sorry that it is MS...not that Chiari is much better....do keep us posted on how u r doing, u do not have to just post in the MS forum as u do have friends here too : )

Good Luck
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