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5 weeks out decompression - cognitive thinking?

Question about what is normal - although I guess I should already know that there is no normal with Chiari.... = )
I had my decompression on October 1st with Dr. Oro - 22mm herniation and a successful surgery.  I was one of the lucky ones who had symptoms come on suddenly and diagnosis came quickly.  

I've noticed since surgery I get very light headed when I stand up - I've fallen once and caught myself by sitting back down quickly a few times.  Is this common with surgery recovery?  I've also had an even harder time thinking than I did before - can that be part of the surgery and boy I hope it's not permanent.

I was planning on going into work a few hours this week - mostly desk job but I worry about whether or not I can think clearly enough to do my job correctly.

I think over all my recovery has been very good though - I feel mostly back to normal overall.

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  Hi and welcome to the Chiari forum.

I would suggest u not head back to work just yet, u may have some issues post op and the more u do the more symptoms and issues u may have....it is best to rest up and allow a bit more healing.

As u heal nerves that were pinched off and or not working properly can sometimes misfire or over work all at once making us feel like we r at square one,....but it is a sign we r healing...as for the falling over, u just may be moving too fast....

  I would suggest u slow down and mayb wait a little longer b4 u return to work. JMHO
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I'm glad that you had a quick Dx & surgery; my guess is that those are who have the best outcomes.

Still, there could be "surprises" ahead, so I agree w/Selma, do not rush it.  One "normal" seems to be the 3 month dip, so you might want to keep that in the back of your mind.
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Oh sigh - I know you ladies are right I was just hoping to hear the opposite. = (  I also have a long commute - 37 miles each way.  But I feel like I'm receiving hints about stopping by to do some work.   Also I do not have short term disability and our bank account is quickly depleting.

I drove today to a movie and my neck aches.  And that was only about 20 miles.  I also noticed that when I over do it my left side feels weak - my arm is weak and my leg drags a bit.
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  It is possible to lose upper body strength..I know I did....and it is something that comes on gradually....u may not notice at first.....

  DO u do neck exercises?
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I do not do neck exercises - I'm guessing I should?  Dr. Oro had said he did not think that I will need to do physical therapy.
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Hi, I had my surgery on the 9th so Im just a little behind you on the recovery road.  I too have the intense dizziness upon standing and have been more than happy that I had something to set back down on many times.  Don't really have any solutions, but I did want to let you know that you are not alone.  My husband makes me use a  hiking stick to have something to help my balance lol.  

If you have a desk job, is there anyway you could have someone bring you some work home? That way you could work little bits at a time when you feel like it!  In a few more weeks, I'm going to approach my old job to see if that's a possibility for me!!

Anyway, take it slow and hope your recovery goes smoothly!
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  I did not go to physical therapy either except for what I had while still in the hospital...I was told it is to help keep the muscles from getting stiff and allowing scar tissue to form...I do have a chart in my profile...and not all of the exercises on the chart are for those with PFD surgery so do read the comments so u know which ones, but I know it did help me with how my neck feels .....
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