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Chiari cause hormone issues?

I read a little bit about chiari could cause hormone issues...but I've lost 23 lbs now and am 1 week late on my menstrual cycle when I never am and I have taken a couple pregnancy test that were negative...could the chiari do this? Has anyone had this experience or is this most likely another culprit?
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  Hi yes, many times the brain stem compression itself can affect hormones, but just overall compression from CSF obstruction can affect the pituitary glad  as well.

Bcuz of the compression's it  can also affect the thyroid...many with chiari have autoimmune thyroid issues like Hashimoto's thyroiditis.

  I had many issues with hormones and my monthly being off kilter....I went into early menopause b4 age 40....so do talk to ur dr get tested for thyroid issues...free T3, free T4, TPO anti bodies and TSH.

  Good luck

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I actually asked my doctor this in passing a few weeks back as my weight has been going up and down and my menstrual cycle has totally changed in terms of timings, length and pain etc and now varies from month to month.

He said chiari definitely can effect hormones however in my case and many cases the culprit is the medication being taken for the chiari rather than the chiari itself.

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  When i had all the hormonal issues I was not on ne meds, and not dx with chiari...I was trying to get a dx as to what was going on...I was told to just accept it.

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Well I can say the meds don't cause my issues. I have only been on pain killers when needed for a while now.

For about the last 2 years I have been lactating on and off. Also dealing with what my husband thought were really bad mood swings. Has nothing to do with hormones as they have been checked a couple times. My youngest is almost 9 and I had a hysterectomy almost 8 years ago.

Makes more sense that pressure to your brainstem and such would be causing issues.

Had more to say but was distracted and now cant remember. LOL

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I am taking levothyroxine for thyroid as it is off.. and before being diagnosed with chiari I had the strongest suspicion after ruling out everything else that I had a pituitary problem because my tsh and free t4 were not in the correct relationship with eachother.. the chiari causing the pituitary problem makes complete sense why those symptoms match as well! I feel so liberated knowing all the things i came to the conclusion beforehand (first hypo, then pituitary when hyp wasn't fixing everything) wasn't completely off base!

and being that I haven't changed my meds at all and have been on the same ones for 3 months, I am pretty sure they are not the culprit.. and being I have never missed before, I am thinking that my chiari is probably just getting worse as I am feeling it is getting worse, and all my symptoms seem to keep getting worse, this is probably just another one of those symptoms getting worse and a reflection of that..
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The other interesting thing I have had happen is I was dx'd with Hashinoto's thyroiditis pre op and but on synthroid...since having surgery I no longer need thyroid meds......?????

I did have nodules on my thyroid so, it is still considered Hashi's, so I go this Weds for a ultra sound to see if there is ne change in them size wise...it is just all so curious.
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Yes, interesting... I was negative for anti bodies for hashis... But my tsh was normal/low but my free t4 was really low which shouldn't be the case...if your free t4 is low, your tsh should be high...I wonder now if this is due to my chiari... Tomorrow I see dr.oro again, we will see if he schedules me for surgery.... Anyone know how far out surgery is usually scheduled?
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  Hi surgery depends on ur condition and the Drs schedule....

As for the TSH issue and hashi's..did they ever do an ultra sound of ur thyroid?.Mine was found when looking for something else...I was having my carotid arteries ultra sound tested and they saw something on my thyroid ( I was having heart palps/hence the first ultra sound)

  Good luck tomorrow : )

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They did not ever do an ultra sound. I have had heart palps but they have done numerous ekg s and an echocardiogram and a halter monitor and the only thing they find is sinus arythmia which they said they are not concerned about but no ultrasound anywhere near my throat or thyroid.  Thanks for the good luck wishes. Doc said if I didn't get relief with pt and the occipital block we would schedule surgery at this appointment, I just don't have any ballpark idea when a non urgent surgery would be scheduled for like a month or 6 months just wondering because of my insurance issue...but I guss il find out today!
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  I am sure if u tell him ur insurance issue he will work with u.....

I will keep my fingers crossed all works out : )

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My hormones have always been off since my daughter was born and she is 6.  I met another mild chiarian and almost all of her symptoms went away after she had her son.  I actually started my period hours after my surgery and it was not supposed to be at that time (that was fun dealing with) and then I went 56 days until I had another one.  Now I am very regular and before I was always late.  My migraines are definetly worse now after surgery during my period and am going to start trying small doses of progesterone to balance out the estrogen, hope is helps!!
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