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i used to exercise everyday about two years  ago - hurt my back and knee and quit. Within that time is when my head really started to hurt, and the tiredness, so I never really got back into it. A couple of months ago I tried to start back in and my head started pounding - which is why I went to the Dr and told them whatever they thought was wrong - got the MRI - Dx w/ CM - here I am. So anyway, since finding out it is not a blood vessel about to burst or anything, I tried to exercise yesterday. I was fine untill I went to do jumprope - the top of my brain was like yeah right! LOL - anyone have this?  Everytime my feet hit the floor I would get pain of course in the back but on top of my head!
What do you guys do for exercise?
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I always ahd a problem jumping rope as a child, so I never tried as an adult....my chiari symptoms have been around as long as I can remember....I just dealt or compensated.

I was told teh best type of exercise for chiarians is swimming....not diving or jumping in...but swimming and I was able to get in a pool this past summer and I did enjoy it.

Ne thing where u exert will cause those pains.....

I have been trying to figure out how to exercise as well bcuz I want and need to lose weight.....still looking for something bcuz it is much too cold outside for the pool.

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I know - I am barely five foot - I should weigh between 95 and 110 -120 I weigh almost 140! I was doing really good at a comfortable weight of 110 untill all this. I am not on any medication other than Tylenol so I have no reason other than being tired, lazy, headaches and good food LOL. The extra weight really takes a toll on my back (I have scoliosis) and walking doesn't do it for me. (or maybe I don't walk enough). Anyway, if anyone has any good ideas let us know!
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My NS said pre-surgery it's ok to excersise just don't strain and don't hold ur breath lol...I thought to myself ok what does that leave?? How about elyptical or low impact cardio? Walking or brisk walk?? Maybe so light weights?? Maybe yoga or resistance bands? Has anyone tried these and had success? I too am looking for a way to excersie... For those of u post surgery when did u start to excersise again and what did u do? I am almost 12 weeks post op
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A recumbent bike is also good bcuz it supports the back and spine........
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Walking, on carpet makes my head hurt........

Jumping Rope........Only if my life depended on it would I attempt it.
  Matter of fact from 5th grade til I was 20, every-time I attempted jump-rope my head always hurt during and worse afterward.........so no jump-rope for me..

swimming sounds smart.
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I would swim EXCEPT - they dont allow you in a pool with a shirt on and because of gaining weight with two pregnancies and gaining and losing weight I have that gross extra skin on my stomach that hangs down. EWWWW lol I know. Sounds disgusting to say it LOL.
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Hi...well there r diff types of suits that do cover a bit more.....I know what u mean tho, I am also self conscience and only go to a private pool in my sisters yard.....it is less stressful.

I found a suit that has  a tummy tightening band which helps to look a little thinner....a possibility neway to look into.....

I am right there with u : )
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I have a Total Gym and its great except that i cant really do any of the arm stuff because it hurts my shoulders and neck but i can still do the legs ; ) at least its something
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Working out is what set me off even more with the Chiari.  Found myself getting so upset over attempting a workout routine. For me exercise is a stress relief so when I lossed that, I had enough!
I've had the surgery and looking forward to getting back to it.  However I'm still nervous to do any straining....ever!  So it's something I plan to ask the surgeon.
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At the time of my DX I was under the care of an ENT doctor because it was felt the balance issues I was having was due to some inner ear problems. As the ENT guy was unsure what CM was he asked a NS about sending me for physiotherapy in the hope that this would help with my balance. The NS said no way as there is in his opinion a risk of more damage. I know that exercise is different so I would say start gently, maybe with some walking, see how this feels and if it helps and work from there....
It would be wise to inform your doctors if you plan to do more strenuous exercise

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My daughter uses the eliptical on days when her headache is managable and does yoga on the other days.  Pilates is another one she likes.  

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I tried pilates and it created an issue bcuz at the time I was unaware of my TC and it does not work well for those of us with it......

As Ray mentioned...see ur dr for what type is best for u...mine told me swimming.......but that is for me like ne meds he would rx......
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