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Muscle Spasm and stress?

Im curious how many experience extreme muscle spasms with emotional stress. Simple things like oh the bill I already knew was coming is here. More serious pain comes from things that cause normal human emotions such as grief any strong emotion it seems??????

ER Dr cautioned me to get help because of the severity. My Dr just says well take a mens vitamin [which I already do]. ER Dr welll he got a tactful ear full. So he ran all the tests to verify nutrient levels and such. This was within approx 1-1.5 hours of the worse episode I've ever had. I fully believed it was the end.

Drs around here have blown it off because they can't explain it for the last 4'ish years. I'm begining to feel like it is somehow Chiari related. But don't recall either of my former Chiari Doctors asking about the spasms so I don't know. Just curious if anyone wishes to share it would be appreciated.


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Hello CW,

I also experience horrible muscle spasms when I become stressed or upset about something. I can sit there and you can see my legs or arms just spasm and you can clearly see it across the room. I have tried everything under the sun to help and nothing has at this point. My husband just looks at me with this sad helpless look when it happens. More often than not its my arms or my legs. No particular side, and my fingers! I hope it gets easier for you.
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Hi Amy have you tried any CBD products? I went to the ER for my "spasms" and nothing touched the pain until I was given a cocktail of valium and dilauid....well I now am using Hemp tea, and CBD gummies and topicals and got through a flare and I didn't need stronger meds. I am not saying they will help you. but it may be worth trying them or look into medical MJ.

I have tried CBD products. A previous roommate worked as a Bud Tender and used to being home stuff to try and help me. I didn't really notice a difference.
I am sorry to hear that isn't an option for you....as I am getting relief from it...and I do use multiple items as I mentioned.....Hemp tea, CBD gummies, and a CBD topical all at the same time and I found it is very helpful for me, I also found out that different product lines can also be a factor as to how well the product may work....the cheaper items not as much and unfortunately the slightly more pricey items tend to work better....they have a different amount of cannabonoides can make a difference. I also have water soluble drops I add to my Hemp tea.....

So, if I am understanding the Drs...you have two syrinx's and they are increasing in size but they feel the CSF is still moving freely?
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Hey CW,

So sorry to hear this...do you recall my ER visits for muscle spasms?
Where or which muscles are going into spasm for you?
For me, it was always my left side of my back...I thought kidney stones....and the pain would go up into my shoulders...it was so horrendous, I was unable to move....I even had vomiting with it and no-one could tell me what it was caused from...but always happened around stressful busy times. This goes back to at least 2010 0r later.
Anyway, I never got a "formal" DX since none of the Drs could figure it out...but knowing my family history I did some research and it seems mine is diverticulosis, and it calms down with a liquid diet. I have lost a lot of weight and continue to as I am in a flare up right now....my sister in law I help care for was in hospital and came home last week on hospice and I went into a flare....hmmm again always a stressful time. I also ate a few things I should be avoiding and that could have something to do with it, but it wasn't until I heard of hospice being brought in until the pain started....I knew to go to my liquid diet and my Hemp tea and CBD items, luckily this was a mild flare and not a really bad one....

Anyway, I hope it's not diverticulosis for you, but I also was under the suspicion that I was just having muscles spasms as that is how the pain starts.....let me know how you are doing.

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Lol! Sorry, it isn't funny. But Im just in that state of mind where seeing someone understand just a tiny bit is shocking. Unfortunately I've had the D word I can't pronounce for a decade or so. I think that I say it find but my wife laughs at me so guess I don't.
WOW!! I am glad it did resonate with you in some way...do you think it could be the diverticulitis?

I went to the ER twice and the only thing that helped with the pain was valium and Dilauid.

This last flare and a few prior I used Hemp tea and CBD topicals and gummies and I didn't get bad, but I also now know to get on a liquid diet right away....and I was able to curb the severity and was able to continue to work through it were before I couldn't do a thing with the pain.

I also want to mention someone was kind to give me cashews for Christmas and I had some the week prior....hmmm me thinks that could have contributed to this last flare along with the stress of my sister in law in hospital.

I have also had this for at least a decade ...I am sure it is more but looking back I know when it started getting bad and it was around 2009-2010.

Hope your family is doing well!!

One day we may talk about that. I am curious about it but have had no bad issues for a long time with it. Definitely will bring it up.
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