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Hi all, please wear your purple January 7th, to help spread awareness and show support for our friend as she heads in for other surgery.

Sending Prayers to KerriC1 and to all that are in charge of her care.....and sending good vibes and healing MoJo for a smooth recovery.
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Praying all is going well......thinking of you.
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I hope your recovery is going well. Thinking of you.
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Hi all thank you so much for the prayers and well wishes!

One week out and feeling blah to say the least. Second time around for me is so much tougher than the first....

So she said she literally had to cut her way through. The tissue had grown through the mesh plate and attatched to the brain pulling the brain down. Also my 4th ventricle was completely wrapped in tissue and I had zero csf flow there. She removed the plate, made the opening larger, decompressed the 4th ventricle and cleaned up lots of adhesions. She said it was way worse than what she expected but looks good as of now.

Now just resting and taking my meds and of course taking it as easy as possible.
Just wanted to update
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Oh my goodness, no wonder  you feel blah....and this surgery feels worse  so much more was done......wow.

Keep on the course of rest and meds, follow Drs orders and take things slow and steady.

Thanks for the update.
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Had my 2 week follow up on Tuesday. She said incision looks good and as of now I’m doing ok. Still having pressure headaches that wake me through the night and first thing in the morning and my left leg feels very cold and shaky. Guessing it’s just very early and these things will pass.

I received my op notes and reviewed them with her. Among all the other things she found, my previous patch had thickened and scarred and when she cut the dura csf poured out with significant pressure. But it also stated that I had bone regrowth where it was originally removed. I told her I thought that most always affected children and she said I was only her 2nd adult patient to have that happen. Very strange....

I go back again in 3 months. And I’m still taking it very very slow....
Hi thanks for the update!! Are you able to sleep inclined? Like on a recliner, I found that to work best for me to help with that pressure post op. Just as in the hospital bed the head was raised and when flat it was too much with time that gets better so it's not a long term issue, but if you have a recliner I would highly suggest trying it.
WOW bone regrowth, I have never heard of another adult that had that happen......you are just special....lol...
Continue to take it slow and post updates when you can.
Hi Selma. Thank you for the advise as always, I appreciate it very much.

The headaches are still nagging at me and the incision area just seems to hurt so much more than the first surgery. Still taking the muscle relaxers and doing neck exercises. But what a slow recovery....

I called the office regarding headaches and the left side weakness and they said probably because I had no flow pre op and now my spinal cord is expanding with the changes and because so much work was done that’s why the pain is still there. Makes sense to me I suppose

And yes I was shocked to hear bone regrowth. How very very strange. And I sure hope that was a fluke and won’t happen again. I’m not so optimistic anymore
If that was a fluke I doubt it will happen again.....and it makes sense to me as well that you would have more pain the second time around since they had so much more to deal with......
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