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Hi family, Please share what you feel, experience, and describe the headaches you get. Because each person experiences pain on different levels It would be helpful to my daughter if she read similar descriptions of your headaches.
Thank you in advance,
Cindy  Mother to Lindsey Rose
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My headaches are from the base of my skull and radiate upwards to sit above eyes.  Lots of pressure as if head were in a vice.  

Other issues I experience is bilateral weakness in arms and legs, dizziness, lightheadedness, shortness of breath, palpitations and motion sickness.  They dx me with Vertigo however vertigo is from my understanding circular/spinning sensations and that I do not have mine is more of unbalanced/motion sickness feeling.  Less range of motion in my neck than normal especially to one side.

For me this started after an incident involving my neck so although I have herniated cerebellar tonsils they are saying additionally I have instability in my neck, possible Ehlers Danlos, possible POTS.  

The first place to attack for me according to the specialist is cervical instability.  If that doesn't work then the herniated tonsils would be addressed.  I have not been told that I have the malformation of the skull so in my case there is the outstanding question of if my herniated tonsils were acquired due to the trauma sustained to the neck.

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I have Chiari 1 and instability.

My headaches always start at base of skull and move up.  When bad it geeks as if I have spikes at the bar of my skull. Then it feels like a vice is squeezing at the side if my head. My head throbs, especially when I stand up or bend over.  Often my vision will go dark and I fight to not pass out. My ears will ache. The tops of my eyes will hurt. Also, lately my forehead has been tingling with it and feels slightly numb. Basically I feel like my head is going to explode.
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My phone also has Chiari. Lol  it never types what I mean to say.  Sorry for the typos. I hope you can decipher my messages.  
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Hi Cindy and Lindsey Rose!

I have 3 types of pain, and have been decompressed.

1: pressure headaches. It happens when the atmospheric pressure changes, or gets high. Weather Bug has an app I use to check the pressure daily. It feels like my head is full and is squeezed. Diamox helps me.

2: nerve headaches. The pain happens when something touches my head in the back (like a recliner), or the sides of my head and ears (like a pillow). It causes sharp, tingling pain that travels from the area that is being touched to all over my head- even on the top. It gets better with ice packs applied to the painful spots.

3: deep pain. It is inside my head where my surgery was. It hurts when I walk, or am on a bumpy road and my head jerks. It almost feels like something is pulling. Dull, not pinpointed, but very intense. This pain never leaves. I recently found out I have a build-up of scar tissue and adhesions in that area, so pain is most likely coming from that. Pain medications help take the edge off.

I hope this is what y'all were looking for!
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